Why Choose Us?

Group of Traders

Have the opportunity to learn from and to invest with our group of traders with years of experience and various trading methods.

Training Program

Bretton Prime offers online webinar, classroom seminar and private consultation for your convenience.

Continuous Support

Enjoy continuous support from our traders and consultants via face to face, class training, online, email, Telegram and Whatsapp.

Copy Trade

The Copy Trade by Bretton Prime is a great service that allows you to copy the trades made by proven high performance and consistent traders chosen by Bretton. You don’t have to study or monitor the market, because the Bretton Prime traders are doing it for you.

Our Unique Approach

Bretton Prime Consulting Group philosophy :            High Probability Technique | Risk Management | Emotional Intelligence | Dynamic Decision Making. Most training program only emphasize on techniques,  whereas Bretton Prime approach trading as one big process of understanding all the four elements in our philosophy.

Trust (because we are Traders too)

Place your trust in Bretton Prime. We have the best trading methods, good training programs, high performing traders  and the most important; we understand your need because we are traders too.

Copy Trade


Easy Setup

Secured Investment

Monitor Live Performance

Consistent Traders

Trusted Fund Management

Regulated Brokers

Good Return on Investment

Manageable Risk





Our Philosophy

High Probability Technique

Emotional Intelligence

Risk Management

Dynamic Decision Making

About Us


Bretton Prime Consulting Group was founded by a group of traders who think that most traders started their training and trading education in the wrong direction. Shall we say start off on the wrong foot? Too much emphasis on techniques alone in has caused most traders to learn at least four to five techniques in average, in their whole trading career. We do believe that online trading is supposed to be fun, and yes it is challenging but potentially very lucrative. That’s why we are here to help you and share the experience and excitement of trading.